New Tour Dates

October 9, 2013

NMB is getting ready to head out for another tour. This time we are making our way to Chicago!

10/18 Oakland, CA – RCA Space

10/19 Sacramento, CA – The Colony

10/20 Las Vegas, NV – The Dive

10/22 Albuquerque, NM – Ned’s Bar & Grill

10/24 Kansas City, KS – Eastwing

10/25 Peoria, IL – The Brass Rail

10/26 Iowa City, IA – The Trumpet Blossom Cafe

10/27 Chicago, IL – The Grandbar

10/28 Omaha, NE – The Sweatshop Gallery

10/29 Denver, CO – Seventh Circle Collective

10/30 Salt Lake City, UT – Burt’s Tiki Lounge

10/31 Boise, ID – House Show

11/1 Portland, OR – Ash St. Saloon

Chronophage Now Available On Vinyl

January 2, 2013

Happy New Year to you all!

With the new year comes new releases! After an incredibly long journey Orca Wolf Records finally received their shipment of Chronophage. There is a limited number of records available. Stop by the webstore to pick up your copy and check out their other great releases as well.


Erin’s Wrist Progress & Chronophage Vinyl Release

August 29, 2012

It has been quiet lately here at the Ninth Moon Black camp. Erin broke his wrist earlier this summer, regrettably forcing us to cancel the run of tour dates we had planned with Stoneburner. The good news is that we

received word yesterday that his wrist bone is fusing itself back together without the aid of surgery. He has graduated from cast to brace and with a little bit of physical therapy, he hopes to be back in the band room very soon.

We are just a few weeks away from the vinyl release of Chronophage. Stay tuned for the Orca Wolf Records official release date. Expect to see some late autumn/early winter tour dates posted soon!

Lukewarm review for Chronophage from Bloody Disgusting

July 24, 2012

When you send your album out to the world to be reviewed, you have to accept the sometimes folks just aren’t going to like it. Jonathan Barkan of decided it wasn’t for him. Though it is not a great review for us, it was fair and constructive and we want to thank Jonathan for taking the time to listen. Go here to check out his review.

Orca Wolf Records To Release Chronophage On Vinyl

July 7, 2012

It’s official! been decided yet but we are projecting they will be ready by autumn. We will continue to post more details here as they come in.

“Animus Lumino” Featured On Singled Out Site

June 26, 2012

The folks at Antimusic added Animus Lumino to their Singled Out series. Stop by their site to read Eric’s story about the origins of the song.

Stoneburner & Ninth Moon Black Tour Dates Announced

Renascentia Featured In Indie Movie Trailer

June 4, 2012

Renascentia has been featured in a trailer for the indie film The Children Of Terra Firma. Written and directed by Jared Liebenau, TCOTF is the story of a mysterious doomsday UFO cult and their connection to a series of disappearances in the woods outside Eugene, Oregon beginning in 1982 and ending present day.

The film is now in the post production stages and the creator is seeking financial help to bring TCOTF to completion in time to enter it in upcoming film festivals. If you like to support the arts and want to see this film in all it’s glory, hop on over to their TCOTF Indiegogo site where they have plenty to trade for your donation.

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